Degree Needed to Become a Lawyer

The career of a lawyer is demanding right from the very beginning and up to the end. Students, who strive to pursue the career of an attorney or a judge, should earn a corresponding degree, gain proper skills, and obtain valuable experience. Following the tendency, you are likely to start in a legal field, working for companies, governments, and private citizens. However, if you are an ambitious, hardworking, and determined student, you have an opportunity to get a degree and perform well on a state bar exam.
What do you need to enter the field and succeed in it? In total, you may have to spend around seven years of school, earning qualifications and skills necessary for a professional lawyer. Keep in mind that jurisprudence is the field for determined, persistent, and ambitious people only. If you are used to asking friends, "Will you do my math homework for money?" you need either to reconsider your approach to studying, or opt for a different profession. Do you correspond with the description of a perfect law student? Keep reading to find essential information about the degree you will need to become a professional lawyer.

Undergraduate Degree

The very first step you need to take on the way to your new career is earning an undergraduate degree. Despite the vast majority of law schools do not have certain major requirements, a degree in science or math may be appreciated. However, it is inevitable to remember that the overwhelming majority of law institutions look only for successful students who have at least a 3.0 GPA. Therefore, you need to start working hard and obtain excellent undergraduate scores. Do not ask your friends to accomplish the homework for you, but rather learn important time-management and problem-solving skills you will need in the future.

Law School Admission Test

Once you have got a bachelor's degree, you have an opportunity to take LSAT, which is required for admission to any law school. The standardized test is aimed at evaluation your reasoning, reading, and communication skills. The LSAT takes half a day, and it is offered in different locations, four times every year. Excellent results of the test will influence not only your admission but also the financial help you will receive. Do your best to earn high scores in order to enter your favorite law school and obtain a scholarship.

Degree in Law

Lawyer requirements may differ a bit, depending on a state, but on average, they include the degree in law from one of the accredited facilities. Aspiring professionals should get a corresponding degree before they apply for the bar exam. In total, it will take you around three years to get the necessary degree, but a considerable number of students complete another year of the clerkship. The educational process may be complicated, but it is essential to work hard and learn all the material in order to become a top tier lawyer in the future. Get the assistance of the best essay writing service, if you have minor problems with studying, but do your best to earn a degree without side assistance.

Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination

The test is required in the vast majority of US states, with a few exceptions. The students have two hours to deal with 60 questions.

Bar Examination

The final stage on the way to the career of a lawyer is the most important. You need to pass the bar exam in your future state of practice, as the requirements to the candidates may differ. Once you accomplish all the stages, you are ready for a new experience of a lawyer, or a judge.